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Learning about Dental Bridges Uses, Perks, and Types

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Dental bridges are a type of dental restoration that is typically made from porcelain, ceramic, or metal materials and is permanently cemented onto existing teeth or dental implants. Dental bridges are used to bridge the gap between teeth, maintain the shape of the face, and prevent further dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Bridges are typically custom-made for each patient. The dentist will take impressions of the surrounding teeth and then design a bridge to fit the individual’s specific needs. The bridge is then sent to a dental laboratory, where it is constructed and fitted with the pontic and crowns. The bridge is then returned to the dentist for placement.

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How Dental Bridges Are Used

Dental bridges are used to restore the general appearance and function of teeth that were lost either due to injury, decay, or disease. They can be considered an option when a patient has lost a single tooth, but they can also be used if multiple teeth are missing. They can also help to correct bite problems caused by missing teeth or to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place.

Who Dental Bridges Are For

Dental bridges are suitable for most patients who are missing one or more teeth, specifically for most adults. The procedure may not be suitable for children, as their teeth and jawbones are likely still developing. It is also important to note that bridges require healthy adjacent teeth and gums to support them. If the teeth and gums are not healthy, a bridge cannot be placed. 

What Benefits Dental Bridges Offer

Dental bridges offer many benefits to patients who are missing teeth. Bridges can improve the appearance of the smile, as well as restore the ability to chew and speak properly. They also help to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place, as well as restore the proper bite. Finally, bridges can also help to prevent facial sagging caused by missing teeth.

What Dental Bridge Types Must Be Considered

Dental bridges can be supported by natural teeth, implants, or a combination of both. The type of bridge used will depend on the patient’s individual needs and preferences. Here are some variations to consider:

  • Traditional Fixed Bridge. Traditional fixed bridges are a common type of bridge and are typically made from porcelain or gold. This type of bridge is held in place by two abutment teeth, which are the teeth on each side of the gap.
  • Resin-Bonded Bridge. Resin-bonded bridges are an alternative to traditional fixed bridges and are typically made of porcelain fused with metal. They are held in place by a metal or porcelain framework that is bonded to the abutment teeth using a strong resin adhesive. 
  • Implant-Supported Bridge. Implant-supported bridges are a more permanent solution than traditional fixed or resin-bonded bridges. This type of bridge is held in place by dental implants or titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone. 
  • Cantilever Bridge. Cantilever bridges are another type of bridge that is used when there are only one or two abutment teeth. This type of bridge is held in place by one abutment tooth and extends past the abutment tooth to replace the missing tooth or teeth.


Overall, dental bridges are a safe, effective, and natural-looking way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. With the proper care and maintenance, your dental bridges can last for many years.

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