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5 Common Dental Emergencies Every Patient Must Know

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A healthy set of pearly whites is essential and can be a primary source of confidence and pride. They’re also crucial to helping you get the well-needed nutrition, and you must always protect your teeth from the dangerous world and bad habits. 

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and they can cause significant damage to your teeth, which may later escalate into dental emergencies. These issues occur suddenly, need urgent attention, and can become more severe without prompt treatment. While panic and feeling overwhelmed may be understandable, you must learn how to handle these dental emergencies since dentists aren’t always available. 

This article will define these problems and the five common conditions that need urgent care. 

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Patients must know the difference between dental emergencies and common dental problems. Routine issues like a minor cavity can usually wait some time before consulting a dentist. 

A dental emergency is an oral health problem that needs urgent care. These conditions include severe toothaches, bleeding, cracked teeth, and swollen gums. You should call your emergency dentist immediately if you experience any of these problems to preserve your best smile and prevent complications. 

5 Conditions That Need Urgent Dental Care

After differentiating dental problems and emergencies, this section will enumerate the five common conditions that require urgent dental attention. 

1. Debris Stuck in between Your Teeth

Besides being embarrassing, food stuck in your teeth can lead to several other dental issues. This situation is a typical dental emergency for people with gaps between teeth. You can remove the lodged food particle between your teeth using dental floss or a thin thread.

2. Breaks, Cuts, and Splits

Enamel is the most resilient material in our bodies. It comprises calcium and phosphate ions that bond together to form a tough protective layer over your teeth. While the hardness of our teeth lets us eat hard and crunchy foods, you must remember that the same hardness also means our teeth can suffer from damage from too much pressure. 

These damages include broken, chipped, or shattered teeth. Moreover, people can suffer from this issue from a hard fall. 

You can save yourself from this painful and embarrassing dental emergency by not biting on hard items like ice cubes, candies, and popcorn kernels. You should also avoid using your teeth as cutting tools. 

3. Knocked Out Teeth 

It can be disheartening for anyone to lose a tooth from an accident or a sports injury, and you should visit your emergency dentist immediately so they can try to save your teeth and restore your best smile. 

Try keeping the knocked-out tooth in your mouth in its natural socket or tucked between your cheeks and gums. Otherwise, place it in a sealed container with milk, saliva, or a product that can preserve teeth. You should also rinse off any dirt or dust before storing the tooth. 

4. Soft-Tissue Damage

Cuts or tears in the soft tissues like the tongue, gums, lips, or inside of the cheeks need urgent dental care. You can address this dental emergency by rinsing the mouth injury with warm water and applying pressure to stop the bleeding. 

5. Toothache and Bleeding Gums 

People can get toothaches from rotten teeth, infections, misaligned teeth, tooth worms, or trauma. Likewise, gum bleeding can result from damaged gums, gum infections, or other dental issues. 

You can address these dental emergencies by calling your dentist immediately. That way, they can help you soothe the pain, stop the bleeding, and get much-needed relief. You may also seek additional treatment from an urgent dental care office. 


Dental emergencies can be distressing for anyone. Fortunately, you can preserve your best smile by seeking urgent dental care, practicing good oral hygiene, and taking preventive measures. 

If you need urgent care for your dental emergencies in Auburndale, MA, visit Auburndale Dental! We strive to offer the best dental services in the area so you can wear your best smile. Book an appointment now!

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