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Fear No More: Advice for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

By : on : March 15, 2023 comments : (0)

Millions throughout the world suffer from dental anxiety or an irrational fear of the dentist. It can range in severity from mild anxiety to severe phobia, and it’s frequently brought on by unpleasant events or tales that one has heard from others. 

While dental anxiety can be overwhelming, it should not prevent you from receiving proper dental care. This article discusses some tips and advice to help overcome dental anxiety and maintain good oral health.

Understanding Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a fear or phobia of the dentist or any dental procedure. It is a common issue that affects many people, and it can be caused by several factors, such as the following:

  • Negative Past Experiences: If you had a bad dental experience in the past, it could lead to fear and anxiety. For instance, if you experienced pain, discomfort, or embarrassment during a dental procedure, it could create a negative association with dentistry.
  • Fear of Needles: Many people are afraid of needles, and since dental procedures often require injections, it can trigger anxiety and fear.
  • Fear of Loss of Control: Some people feel helpless and vulnerable when they are lying down on a dental chair, and this can cause anxiety.
  • Fear of Judgment: Some people are afraid of being judged or criticized by their dentist for poor oral health or neglecting their teeth.

Whatever the cause of your dental anxiety, it is essential to understand that it is a natural response to a perceived threat. The good news is that dental anxiety can be overcome with the right techniques and strategies.

Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

1. Communicate with Your Dentist

One of the best ways to overcome dental anxiety is to communicate with your dentist. Talk to them about your fears and concerns, and they will be able to provide you with the necessary information and reassurance. 

A good dentist will take the time to explain the procedure, answer any questions you may have, and make you feel comfortable.

2. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation methods such as breathing exercises, meditation, and visualization can help minimize dental anxiety. 

Before your appointment, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and imagine yourself in a calm and peaceful place. You can also listen to music or a guided meditation to help you relax.

3. Schedule Your Appointment at the Right Time

If you are anxious about your dental appointment, try to schedule it at a time when you are less stressed or busy. Avoid scheduling your appointment during times of high stress, such as during exams or work deadlines. 

You can also request to have your appointment scheduled at a time when the dental office is less busy, which can help reduce wait times and overcrowding.

4. Bring a Friend or Family Member

Bringing a friend or family member with you to your dental appointment can provide you with emotional support and help you feel more comfortable. It can also distract you from your anxiety and make the experience more enjoyable.

5. Consider Sedation Dentistry

If your dental anxiety is severe, you may want to consider sedation dentistry. Using sedation dentistry entails giving you medicine to make you feel more at ease throughout your dental work.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation are a few of the different methods of sedation dentistry. Your dentist can help you determine which type of sedation is right for you.

6. Get Regular Dental Check-Ups

Routine dental check-ups can lessen the necessity of further invasive procedures and help avoid oral issues. By maintaining good oral health, you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing dental anxiety. 

Regular cleanings and exams can also help you become more familiar with the dental office and the dental team, which can help reduce anxiety.


Dental anxiety should not prevent you from receiving proper dental care. By understanding the causes of dental anxiety and implementing the tips and strategies discussed in this article, you can overcome your fear and maintain good oral health.

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